Semi Custom Kitchens

If you want the look of a custom kitchen without paying custom prices, then this is the way to go. Together with our partner Kitchen Showrooms, we are able to satisfy all your kitchen design and cabinetry needs. We are proud to announce a 2015 first place win for a complete semi custom kitchen remodel for under $30,000. See award photos elsewhere on our site.

What you don't know about the big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes and IKEA

These 'BIG BOX' stores bring on companies like Doylestown Builders to build your project. The last time Doylestown Builders worked with Lowes, they took close to 40% of the labor cost for themselves that they billed the consumer ... wow ... they already make money in their products.

When Doylestown Builders interviewed with Home Depot, they take up to 65% of the labor cost that Home Depot charges you, the homeowner ... and IKEA takes up to 55% of the installation cost for themselves.

Why pay them when you can use us? The same crews but much lower prices.

If you buy your kitchen at Lowes, Home Depot or IKEA, we will install for less and guarantee to beat their prices. Do you really want to pay up to 65% additional labor costs for your kitchen installed over Lowes, Home Depot or IKEA? We have crews who have installed for IKEA, Lowes and Home Depot ... why pay their very high prices?

We install all manufacturers cabinets. If you have a price from a Big Box Store we will beat the labor price (you can still buy your product from them).

Whether you are looking for a full custom kitchen, semi-custom kitchen, or Ikea kitchen, we can do it all.